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What Are the Different Types Of Commercial Washing Machines?

What Are the Different Types Of Commercial Washing Machines?

Washing machines are pivotal to the operations of many businesses. Restaurants, hotels and B&Bs, to name a few, rely heavily on the use of commercial washing machines. Finding the machine most suitable to your business’ needs is equally as important, a task easier said than done with the sheer variety of commercial washing machines available on the market. In this article, we’re going to detail the various benefits of each commercial washing machine, helping you to find the right machine for your business.

Light commercial washing machine

Capacity: 5-8kg

The light commercial washing machine is ideal for general use. It is the most standard type of commercial washing machine and will be beneficial to use for general daily washing of up to 8 washes a day. Businesses that undergo regular, light washing should opt for a light commercial washing machine.

Commercial washing machine

Capacity: 7.5-68kg

Commercial washing machines are for similar use as light commercial washing machines, but can take more loads. For general washing purposes at over 8 washes a day, choose a commercial washing machine.

Stacked washer dryers

Capacity: 6-16kg

Stacked washer dryers are perfect for maximising space in laundry rooms. Their ability to stack on top of one another means that you can implement many of them in a single area. This is great if your space is small and/or you’re catering for the washing of multiple people.

Industrial washing machines

Capacity: 45-200kg

These washing machines are built to handle huge loads and constant usage. They are typically quite large, requiring a fair amount of space, but cater for large loads of up to 220kg. They are ideal for commercial environments where washing is needed to be done continuously for the successful operation of the business.

Barrier washing machines

Capacity: 16-180kg

Barrier washing machines are perfect for commercial environments, such as restaurants or hospitals, where hygiene is an absolute priority. Barrier washing machines reduce cross contamination by separating the loading and unloading side of the machine via a physical barrier. The dirty clothes get placed in one side and can only be unloaded from the other side. Opt for these washing machines if working in any environment where cleanliness and hygiene is of critical importance.

Coin-operated washing machines

Capacity 6-23kg

These washing machines only work when a customer has paid. They are ideal for launderettes and other public washing rooms, as they enable you to run a standard customer service efficiently. They have a maximum capacity of 23kg, making them suitable for personal use for each individual customer, without allowing the washing of multiple customers to be done for the price of one.

Here at Aventus, we offer a variety of laundry equipment, catering for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you need many industrial washing machines or just a single light commercial washing machine, we can help. We’re proud to offer competitive prices on all our washing machines, including some of the most modern and technologically advanced washing machines on the market. To enquire further, give our friendly team a call today.