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Electrolux Professional WH6-20kg Commercial Washer Compass Pro


Not just clean: green and lean

Electrolux Professional WH6-20 Commercial Washers are designed for the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption. With Automatic Savings or Integrated Savings, Intelligent Dosing and Power Balance technologies, we ensure minimum cost per load while helping you run an environmentally sustainable business.

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Avoid overloading and underloading

With Integrated Savings measuring and showing the load in real time, you can avoid overloading and underloading,for optimized productivity. This way you maximize profits, obtain optimal results, save water and energy at less than full loads, and extend the lifetime of your washer.

Not a drop of water wasted

Automatic Savings weighs the linens and adjusts the water intake to the actual load. This saves water, energy and money at anything less than full loads.

Precisedetergent dosing

With the Intelligent Dosing feature, the precise amount of detergent will be added automatically according to the weight of the load.

Boost your business with significant savings

With the Efficient Dosing System from Electrolux Professional your laundry solution will be more cost efficient than ever. You have full control over the wash process, and the high quality output guarantees an end to damaged linen or skin irritations caused by detergent overdosing.

Extraction sequence perfectly balanced

Power Balance translates to real-time unbalance monitoring and G factor adjustment throughout the extraction sequence,for maximum dewatering and lowest moisture retention to save you time and money in the drying process.


More Information
Brand Electrolux
Fit Type Freestanding
Pump Gravity Drain


  • Main specification

    Max. capacity, filling factor 1:9, kg/lb 20/45

    Drum volume: 180 lt

    Drum diameter: 725 mm

    Extraction, rpm 1055 RPM

    G-factor 450

  • Dimensions

    Width: 970 mm

    Depth: 947 mm

    Height: 1412 mm

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVfEwFNcAc0&t=24s
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