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Electrolux W555H washing machine

Standard configuration

  • Compass Pro® microprocessor
  • 220–230V 1~ 50/60 2.5kW 16A
  • Gravity Drain

6 Kg


year warranty

The Electrolux Line 5000 generation series W555H is a full commercial washing machine with a 6kg capacity. Replacing the successful Electrolux W455H commercial washing machine there have been a number of great improvements for the end user. The new washer will still fit under a standard counter top and into a 600mm wide space. The main changes however are in the efficiency, reliability, and a different control system to make the operation even easier.

Built with the usual Electrolux Professional parameters in mind including first class quality engineering, class leading controls and an ergonomic design, this machine has many industry leading features which ensure this washer is one of the very best in this size range. 

Electrolux Professional washers are premium products within the commercial laundry market. In terms of build quality and energy efficiency they are excellent. As with all Electrolux Professional products energy efficiency is the cornerstone of the brand. This machine has many features which ensure it is one of, if not the most energy efficient machine on the market in the 6kg range. 

The W555H is perfectly suited to any sector where high throughput is a pre-requisite within a small foot print. Equally at home in the healthcare sector where infection control is paramount. Residential, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Sheltered Housing and Veterinary Surgeries are the main end users of this machine. However with the pump drain option also available it is a machine that is also suitable for schools, stables, spas and beauty centres, sports clubs, hotels and contract cleaners.


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