Teams and clubs choose to be commercially clean for the win

Whether managing a football team, ensuring a gym is ready to open its doors or running a local enthusiastic and competitive rounders team, a commercial laundry solution can make life easier and ensure teams get off to a winning start, whatever their sport of choice.

Investment in a commercial washing machine can offer many benefits to clubs and teams of all sizes and here are just a few reasons why the short-term investment can help them to play the longer game.

High-volume capacity – the number one consideration when laundering large loads of uniforms, training kits and towels is having the capacity to do as few cycles of washing as possible to save on both time and energy. A larger commercial machine will ensure all large loads can be sorted and ready to go for the next game or training session.

Enhanced Cleaning Performance – Sports kits are often heavily soiled with mud, grass stains and sweat and in need of a regular deep clean. Commercial machines are equipped with powerful motors and advanced cleaning cycles which will effectively remove stains, odours and ensure kits are laundered hygienically and efficiently. They often feature sanitisation cycles which will kill bacteria and viruses – crucial to keeping teams and players healthy and ready to perform at their best.

Speed and Efficiency – For any team or club, a quick turnaround is a necessity to make sure all kit is ready for back-to-back training sessions and games or matches.

With high-speed wash and spin cycles, commercial machines process loads much faster than domestic models.

Clubs sometimes install several machines to run simultaneously, further enhancing the turnaround time and ensuring all kit is ready to go when needed.

Durability and reliability – Commercial machines by nature are built with more durable components to ensure they can withstand the demands and rigours of the constant use required by any busy and competitive sports club.

Their robust design ensures minimal downtime, with fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues, meaning they can be relied upon to get the job done week in, week out.

Reduced bills and labour costs - Modern commercial washing machines are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less water and electricity per load. Over time, this will lead to significant savings on utility bills.

The high capacity and efficiency of commercial machines reduces the amount of manual intervention required, with fewer loads needing to be processed and reducing the need for constant supervision.

Specialised and tailored programmes – The many requirements of a busy football or rugby club mean that laundry solutions are required for many different types of fabrics and levels of soiling. Specialised cycles can address this, giving the options for more delicate training gear to more heavily soiled match day kits.

The cycle options also offer advanced choices of specific cleaning requirements to ensure that there is a consistent clean and kits can then be preserved over time to last longer and further reduce unnecessary spend for clubs.

Performance boost and team morale – Well-presented and maintained kits and unforms obviously give the best first impression for the club’s overall professional appearance, always reflecting positively on the club’s image.

Players and teams perform better when they feel clean and comfortable, which can ultimately lead to better performance and boost players morale and confidence overall.

Environmental Considerations – By using less water and energy, commercial washing machines support both the environment and the club’s sustainability efforts. Some models also promote the use of eco-friendly detergents, reducing the environmental impact even further.